Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Ana,Me,moi,myself,io, eu.... 5 languages, 5 cultures, 5 prespetives

Believe me it is not easy to start a blog, I guess best is to give you a genuine idea about who I am and where I come from is the start point.

I was born and raised and lived almost 25 years of my life in Egypt, I was brought up in Alexandria and belonged to mixed family ( Greek, Italian and Tunisian) origins which was translated to a common stereotype Alexandrian back in the 40 ies that is when my father and mother were married. I left Egypt 6 years ago for Portugal, where I am living and working right now. I got to finish my bachelor of science in BA from Alex University.

I am the son of a highly regarded deceed Textile industrial entrepreneur that had decided to sell all his 3 textile factories during Nasser regime and my Greek mother is a typical hard working mother strong, tough, honest, caring and above all made me what i am today. I admire her a lot but it is hard to be her though many times I wished I could confront things the way she does. It is funny because I am married to a woman which is in many ways like her.

Well if you ask me how do you identify yourself, I will tell you right away that I am Egyptian, it is hard to not cherich 25 years of your life in this beautifull country that gave me my good and bad times.

But at the same time I love Italian football when I visit my family in Italy and appreciate Greek food when I visit my Greek family in Geece and off course my Tunisian clan which I find it impressively big.

What brings me here???? Blogging is in fashion and I thought to myself lets dress to impress.

Got you for a while!!!

My simple reason is to voice my opinion on the many issues that take place in my life and on what ever is going on in Egypt from the sadest, dramatic to the funniest. I will attempt to put in words whatever I see important to voice or fancy. Further more explain Middle East views for everybody to understand which very few people can convey about Egypt.

During this process I think I might be boring, repetitive but will do my best to be informative and insightfull.

Bear with me…..

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